Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Minutes of RBAG meeting 9th Feb

Well last night was a Ruscombe Brook Action Group monthly meeting and it seems illness and more has struck the team - we were left with only 4 of us at the meeting. Here are a summary of the minutes below......

Present: Philip (Chair/Minutes - pictured at Hamwell Leaze), Julia, Keith and Julian.
Apols: Kat, Zarin, Simon, Jo, Beth and Clive.

1. Puckshole phase 1 - culvert: see RBAG site here for photos of recent heavy rain. Group noted culvert managed the large volumes of water but did send an inch or two over the road at it's peak. This indicates some form of attenuation could be beneficial. Agreed it needs monitoring. ACTION: Philip to email SDC to clarify what was done.

2. Puckshole phase 2 - attenuation.
- Water 21 will be giving advice with EA on a number of possible projects in the area. Puckshole could be one of those. This would be a good way to get a costed project together on this site and possible others - it would also allow us to look at issues like who will manage any work longterm etc. Then all those projects would go forward to be considered and the chosen one implemented with a grant of £10k that is available. Agreed to wait for more details from Water 21.
- Wheelers Walk: noted Jo's research into poss ways of finding owner but want to gather further information about the site first.
- Gabions at site - no update other than they held a while back. Are they working? Do we need more? Await further info from Simon?

3. Ruscombe Valley development. Keith raised the fact that this issue was back on the agenda - indeed the issue that got RBAG started in the first place. The Council's seven Alternative Strategies have been created as part of the wider Core Strategy and some include significant developments locally. It was noted that all members would do well to comment on the plans. The Core Strategy will form the basis of a new set of planning policies that guide development for housing, jobs and community facilities. By 2026 the district needs to find 2,000 new homes and encourage a new generation of jobs. To tackle this, seven Alternative Strategies have been created. These strategies set out different ways of providing for future development i.e. what could go where. The council wants your views on which of the alternative strategies work best. A mini guide that briefly outlines the seven strategy options has been produced. The 'Your district, Your future' guide is available at all town and parish council offices as well as public libraries. Copies can also be found at the district council offices and Stroud Subscription Rooms. Alternatively the mini guide, along with the full questionnaire and consultation documents, can be downloaded at The deadline for feedback is Monday 22 March 2010. Comments can be submitted online or by post. See Philip's blog here.

4. Water 21 gave updates on new partnerships with work on soils - and the 2 students: Adam and Kat who will work on a hydraulic model for Stroud catchment.

5. Hamwell Leaze - Cainscross Parish have been doing some work on how the site could be improved and SVP are doing a study. ACTION: Philip to get update on plans from SVP, Parish and Community Land Trust.

6. Severn Trent - letter sent - see RBAG website here re meeting planned. No answer yet. ACTION: Jo to pursue date with ST.

7. Stroud Valleys Water Forum - see Philip's blog for 26th Jan for notes here. Next meeting 10th march.

8. Ownership of brook - on hold for next meeting as not clear what stage we are at.

9. AOB
- our water saving tips leaflet has been in Runner and Warbler
- Julia would like to discuss further her role re membership at next meeting as agreed no membership charges. ACTION: Julia to email old contact list to see who wants to stay in touch with RBAG
- Easter egg brook walk considered: anyone time to organise?
- sledging during recent snow left much rubbish and criminal damage to land incl rubbish in the watercourse: needs more awareness. Very little help offered from authorities or community. See comment here.
- Website - ACTION: Philip to put version of this on RBAG website without names etc

NEXT MEETING: Julias house 7.30 on 9th March.

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