Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brook AGM

Last week we had our Ruscombe Brook Action Group AGM which started with a walk around the Lake at the Lawns - we have split our annual walk along the brook into a couple of walks rather than doing all in one go as we have done in previous years.

Photos: Various pics of the Lake at The Lawns - for those who don't know where that is - and it would seem many are in that boat - it is behind the trees opposite Tricorn House.

Anyway a number of issues were raised re The Lawns including concerns about the silt building up again - but it was good to see the reeds had taken well. We will be talking to the Community Trust that manages the area. It is wonderful to see the area looking more looked after - it is a beautiful peaceful spot - you can follow the brook out through a small bit of woodland to where it joins the canal (see last couple of photos).

At the AGM I was elected again to be an Officer - we also caught up on several issues like Severn Trent flushing the sewage pipes - in previous years they have cut roots to stop the sewage problems - we are hoping this is sufficient and doesn't lead to a return to the dire problems of old. There was an also an update on some of our other projects and plans for our August meeting when we are very fortunate to have an advisor from the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group - she will walk some of the brook in the Ruscombe Valley and hopefully give us advice on how we can help improve biodiversity further.

This week we have the Stroud Valleys Water Forum meeting on Wednesday with Highways - a chance to raise a number of issues - no doubt more about that in a future blog.

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