Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ruscombe brook: walk highlights action areas

Just over a month ago the Ruscombe Brook Action Group walked the top half of the brook. We gained permission from the relevant landowners as we do each year to check out problems, improvements etc. It was a great evening where I learnt lots.

Last year we walked with FWAG - that's the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and it is the UK's leading independent provider of environmental advice to farmers - see that walk here. This time we had a new group member who works with water and conservation - he was able to add to the advice and info we had gained last year.

Photos from walk in May of the top half of the brook.

Last night we met again to discuss what we found on the walk and our next steps. We have drawn up a list of 4 target issues to consider further. It is good to have some renewed enthusiasm and focus for the group as we have drifted a bit over the last 6 months.

Also good news is that the relining of sewers is imminent. Severn Trent have contacted several local landowners and will soon be giving dates to start. It has only taken us since 2006 to get this to happen!!

Having said that the yearly root cutting of roots that have grown into sewers has led to almost no raw sewage incidents - what a difference from 2005/6 when there were some 20 plus incidents.

You can read more about our project at:

Or for even more read over 130 entries on Philip Booth's blog re Ruscombe Brook here.

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