Monday, November 12, 2012

Letter to EA

We've now sent a letter of support to the EA following our AGM  - basically supporting their proposals to undertake a scoping exercise and report in March 2013. I noted unanimous support in RBAG for the EA to explore the possibilities - plus how frustrated we have been by the lack of progress towards improvements. We also sent a number of suggestions regarding consultation and the way forward.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

RBAG's AGM 2012

Last week we had our AGM at The Carpenters Arms in Westrip - amongst much discussions about the ways forward we elected new officers....our new chair is Chris Uttley, secretary is Clive Buckley and our Treasurer is Geoff Hilton. Thanks was given to previous officers.

One of the key issues was the work by Severn Trent to reline sewers - we have been campaigning for this for many years - but in some of the fields the landowner has managed to negotiate protection for the land with mats - see the photos - in one of the other fields in the Randwick area there were concerns by the group members about the damage done by heavy equipment.

Another issue was a Rural SuDS scheme being considered for the Frome catchment. There is a possible scoping exercise which would produce a report in March 2013. It is difficult to assess as their were not details but the group gave unanimous support to explore the possibilities. We, like others in the area, have been very frustrated by the lack of progress towards improvements. How long ago was the Slad flooding homes and businesses?!!!
We are aware of some of the reasons for delays, but things must move forward. This SuDS approach sounds promising and while it wont be a guarantee against flooding but in my view it should improve the situation considerably. We made a number of comments to the EA including around consultation over any work.

RBAG are also exploring ways forward to improve biodiversity - we have an issue that we are working on that will hopefully improve water quality....but at our next meeting we hope also to talk more about how we can add weight to objections to any proposals for development on the Ruscombe fields - at our meeting in January we are hoping to book Whiteshill Village Hall and explore the issue in more depth with the Ruscombe Valley Action Group.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ruscombe brook holds up canal development!

Here is what the Council news says: 'Dudbridge Locks: An interesting problem occurred here! Contractors digging the channel for the hydro-electric scheme broke into the old culvert carrying Ruscombe Brook in a siphon under the canal. The result was that the site was immediately flooded! The culvert was blocked in the late 1950s when the brook was diverted into the canal. Investigation revealed that river water being carried in the canal was leaking through the bottom of Dudbridge Upper Lock into the culvert. The culvert has now been blocked, but the lock bottom still needs to be repaired, beginning this week. This will involve over-pumping the river flow. Work can then continue with the hydro pipe and bypass channel. Meanwhile, the concrete base has been poured for the turbine chamber.'

Monday, July 16, 2012

Poaching and silt

The Ruscombe Brook Action group met again this evening to see what can be done re a problem re poaching by cattle, the run-off pipe from Wheelers Walk and the Puckshole culvert already starting to silt again (see photos by local resident left).

I wont go into the details here but we will meet again in September where we hope to have replies to some letters and more. It is also poss we will have a working party to shift silt or cut back vegetation in the Autumn - anyone interested do let us know.....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lake at the Lawns

See Philip Booth's film of the Lake at the Lawns Victorian party last weekend - it has bits of history about the site and renovation. The Ruscombe brook does of course flow into the lake before going onto the canal. See the film on the new Stroud Community TV channel:

See also Stroud Life with background to the site here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Parliamentary debate: Slad proposals on the agenda?

See Neil Carmichael in Parliamentary debate here. This looks encouraging for projects like Slad - but is the message here "if you can fund it yourself then go ahead"? I hope not - great that it has got another push to get underway but equally I have concerns....

Photos: Walk along Ruscombe Brook last year
Last month the SNJ covered the project - see here - I have to say the whole process has been exhausting and frustrating - lack of coordination, politics, cuts and more....maybe we will now move forward?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Water 21 on Stroud FM

Listen again to Julian Jones from Water 21 on Stroud FM - an excellent discussion at:

Next RBAG meeting 25th April - contact us for details.