Sunday, March 24, 2013

RBAG meets...another sewage incident

We met recently at The Star to see how we can take plans forward re mapping and improving biodiversity, considered a local planning application that some thought might impact on the brook and about a fund raising quiz for RBAG at The Star.

However one of the big issues was the massive sewage 'event' that occurred in the orchard at Humphreys End on 31st January 2013. It may well have been running for 4 - 5 weeks in this state. This seems to have occurred because of faulty workmanship by the contractors of Severn Trent who have been relining the sewer across my land since October last year? Sanitary waste and fat were trapped around the manhole cover and this burst was the end result - see photos.

This left the land and stream polluted for several weeks and significant debris in the stream - and also shows that Randwick residents have been depositing sanitary waste and fat into their toilets which should be disposed of elsewhere. Another problem has been the silting up of the water supply to the allotment and drinking trough. Various actions are planned to see how best to remedy all this.....and we had thought we'd seen the last of sewage leaks locally....

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